Races of Everlund


Integrated (45% Human, 40% Dwarf, 7% Elf, 5% Halfing, 3% Other)


  • One of the two dominant races of Everlund
  • The original builders of the city
  • Make up most of the power structure of Everlund


  • Neighbourhoods spans more space than normal of comparable populations
  • Sections go underground into unusued and cleaned out ancient sewer systems
  • Second dominant race
  • Have separate court systems and church organizations
  • Almost a segregated half of the city belongs to the drawves


  • Live on outter sections of city
  • Most rural looking neighbourhood
  • Unpaved roads and bountiful agriculture


  • ‘Ghetto’ of the city
  • Poorest districts
  • Many have turned to crime
    • Theives Guild Masters
    • Assassins for hire
    • Independant theives

Players’ Guide to Everlund

Races of Everlund

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